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Are you tired of pizza and/or sandwiches for your corporate meetings or events? Why not try something different for a change!

Established in 1994 DR. SUSHI© has become renowned for its great Japanese food at reasonable prices. Our specialty is catering. Whether it's a small house party, large corporate function, or wedding, we can provide a menu with a wide variety of tastes to suit your budget.

As our motto suggests, "we make house calls" and we can provide your event with an on-site sushi bar and chefs regardless of your location, whether it's your summer resort party in the Muskoka region, or your home Christmas party in the city of Toronto.

In the past we have catered a number of different theme parties for golf, tennis and ski clubs and many mitzvah parties, for which we can also provide kosher-style catering. We currently provide exclusive sushi catering to a number of hotels and banquet halls for special events.

Make your next call a house call from DR. SUSHI©.

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