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Fan Ye hear them finish, bland smile, said: Actually, the three of you need not worry, I do not want to be arguing with him about. If the declaration of death again! Someone to kill him, Ye Fan to rely on something taken away, what is wrong? In his right hand hanging down, there is a rusty censer, but palm, some mutilated, some fragmentation of the furnace wall, but it is simple and natural. Of course, if a few do not want to share with his hand bells, incense, vajra, then let longchamp buy online him follow me around, and I will never not remembered classmate friendship. Liu Zhi Furui no wave, nothing embarrassing expression, just nodded his head and said: that's good, in the future we must avoid this from happening. In order to avoid unpleasant happen again, I think we should be good to discuss something. At this moment, many people are pale, they hear the sound of this position, therelongchamp designer is a large Leiyin Si! If not for the light curtain reasons, this terrible thing is simply silent, people simply can not find Wu Guang struck. This is reminiscent of the era of student Ye Fan, when that is the case, this is very easy-going and indifferent calm, unequivocal when the hard-edged, never to stir up trouble, but more afraid of things that come its way. And later shared gods mentioned relic, though did not slongchamp leather tote bags ay anything, but people naturally think of his proposal was not long ago, before so many people escaped. I took away Changqing drum fish, just do not want to let him have relied on evil, he can instruct people to grab my stuff, the same can be other life out of this mind. The students have been named Zhangzi Ling Ye Fan with Pombo standing behind, then kicked out on the football field is the feelings, than the average numbetote bags longchamp r of students to get close, just as though he did not like Pombo hands, but apparently Station In Ye Fan side. Selectively ignored, focusing on outstanding offensive things, Pombo eye for an eye person in his body, face with ridicule the color, suddenly burst that female students Yede angry, and his face suddenly blue suddenly white, Road: Do not misinterpret what I mean! Belts have some family background, but never make people feel too haughty, has been very longchamp bag leather refined and easygoing, he points out the problem at the moment, suddenly beside Pombo frowned, but there is no way to refute anything. His safety, several can be assured that we a classmate, can share in the hands of fetish, mutual support, completely safe.

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