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Fan Ye's decision is very sudden, Belts mouth move a little, but said nothing. Bursts frightened cry sounded, floundered on the altar, there is no god relic of people crazy toward Liu Zhi, Zhou Yi, Wang Ziwen and others, never refused to let go catch them, sharing the Buddha makers. And later shared gods mentioned relic, though did not say anything, but people naturally think of his proposal was not long ago, before so many people escaped. Liu Zhi came near, in the hands of King Bao plongchamp bags sales estle Guangcan that shot, giving the feeling of heavy concise, very imposing. In her talk, slender fingers unconscious movements, occasionally emits a double ring. Fan Ye I know you're angry, and any who had such a thing, will be raging anger, but we should be a little more tolerant. Fan Ye Liu Zhi swept three glances, said: There are many students do not get what the big raids the monastery, but stilongchamp le pliage bloomingdales ll good survived, and why? I could not even in the hands of the ancient bronze lamps are willing to share with everyone, and now received this side drum fish, naturally have to consider things from this side to proceed. This is equivalent to draw naked in front of a few people in the face, but people have nothing to say, because he stood on the side of reason. Wu Guang approaching an extreme, plop riplongchamp bags online sale ped through a male student on the forehead, a blood spatter flowers into the sky, that male students eyes were wide, his back to the ground, there is no longer sound. Not long ago, in the night to be remembered Xisha a few people, the people are cold heart gall, that Tao Wu Guang hidden in the darkness, not found. Zhang Zailing naturally approached, took Fan Ye drum fed to the fish, they did not say anything, nothing at all. Pombo hand lalongchamp small bag rge bronze plaque Leiyin Si, Liu Zhi looked at the front of several people, said: Ye Fan do not care about other people harm their own thing, but there are some things I have to say, people do day in perspective, and now I want to have can not deny the existence of gods, people still want some of righteousness as well, do not do not see the light of those things! If the declaration of death again! And Lixiao Man never had to say anything, she looked not far from the Fan Yebags longchamp sale , looked at him calmly resolve all this through, eyes very plain, no representation, no Xiangbang any party. Fan Ye smiled and waved behind a male student, said: Zhang Zailing to you, if there is danger, we must remember to share with the person next.

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