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Fan Ye first to point out the root causes of the matter, straight cut point. Wailing roar ...... This is equivalent to draw naked in front of a few people in the face, but people have nothing to say, because he stood on the side of reason. If not for the light curtain reasons, this terrible thing is simply silent, people simply can not find Wu Guang struck. Li Changqing really should not talk nonsense, causing birth coveted heart, the occurrence of such unpleasant things, but Ye Fan You took his life insurance thing indebest longchamp bag ed excessive. In his right hand hanging down, there is a rusty censer, but palm, some mutilated, some fragmentation of the furnace wall, but it is simple and natural. Bang when Pombo strode forward, and then the big sound Temple heavy bronze plaque on the earth, and said: really say more than singing sound good, I find you very deep skill and wrong. Liu Zhi came near, in the hands of King Bao pestle Guangcan that shot, giving the feeling ofnavy longchamp bag heavy concise, very imposing. Liu Zhi was frowned on around him that female students are immediately spoke out against, said: the presence of the male students in a large number of people have received Leiyin Si, relatively speaking, female students who find a Buddha's Yet few. Fan Ye Liu Zhi swept three glances, said: There are many students do not get what the big raids the monastery, but still good survived, and why? First you need to understand what just longchamp quality happened, and secondly you have to know some of the people to righteousness go! Completely evasive, not to mention being launched almost Fan Ye colored altar risk of being swept away by the storm of things, doing equal emphasis to mention Fan Ye killed classmate lives. In her talk, slender fingers unconscious movements, occasionally emits a double ring. Bursts frightened cry sounded, floundered on the altar, there is no god relic of people crazy toward Liu Zhi, Zhou Yi, Wang Ziwen longchamp style bags and others, never refused to let go catch them, sharing the Buddha makers. Bang suddenly, I heard the sound of broken came, everyone was surprised, retaining outside altar in colored light curtain is now being punctured, something drilled in, the crowd all looked in that direction. Remarks one, suddenly a woman just that talking face became very ugly. Big sound Temple has been destroyed, it is a big sound Temple repression under what not ...... Belts are also standing in front, except for the verynavy longchamp bag beginning opposed Fan Ye take away fish drum, but in this process has been quietly listening, do not say anything until then he spoke again, and said: Li Changqing very right indeed , how to deal with him too much.

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