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I took away Changqing drum fish, just do not want to let him have relied on evil, he can instruct people to grab my stuff, the same can be other life out of this mind. Fan Ye hear them finish, bland smile, said: Actually, the three of you need not worry, I do not want to be arguing with him about. We did not say not to Fan Ye, Ye Fan cares for students just want friendship, do not take away Changqing fish drum, so that he could save your life to live. Belts very calm uttered these wordlongchamp it bag s, and then they say nothing. The students have been named Zhangzi Ling Ye Fan with Pombo standing behind, then kicked out on the football field is the feelings, than the average number of students to get close, just as though he did not like Pombo hands, but apparently Station In Ye Fan side. Of course, if a few do not want to share with his hand bells, incense, vajra, then let him follow me around, and I wlongchamp bags online shop ill never not remembered classmate friendship. Selectively ignored, focusing on outstanding offensive things, Pombo eye for an eye person in his body, face with ridicule the color, suddenly burst that female students Yede angry, and his face suddenly blue suddenly white, Road: Do not misinterpret what I mean! Completely evasive, not to mention being launched almost Fan Ye colored altar risk of being swept away medium or large longchamp by the storm of things, doing equal emphasis to mention Fan Ye killed classmate lives. Someone to kill him, Ye Fan to rely on something taken away, what is wrong? Pombo hand large bronze plaque Leiyin Si, Liu Zhi looked at the front of several people, said: Ye Fan do not care about other people harm their own thing, but there are some things I have to say, people do day in perspective, and now I want to have can not deny the existence owashing longchamp bags f gods, people still want some of righteousness as well, do not do not see the light of those things! And in his right hand held drum fish although damaged, and now has lost its luster, but they were all just like to see the power and influence of its Raytheon, electric purple horizon, the thunder bursts, now also being held in the hands of Fan Ye, it is so people fear. At this moment, many people are pale, they hear the sound of this position, there is a large Lelongchamp boston sale iyin Si! Big sound Temple has been destroyed, it is a big sound Temple repression under what not ...... Fan Ye Liu Zhi swept three glances, said: There are many students do not get what the big raids the monastery, but still good survived, and why?

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