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First you need to understand what just happened, and secondly you have to know some of the people to righteousness go! Pombo exposed ridiculed color, said: What is also divided between students with each other, holding the hands of the gods relics people should share with others, to whom is not the same, do not you do not want to help other people do? Not long ago, in the night to be remembered Xisha a few people, the people are cold heart gall, that Tao Wu Guang hidden in the darlongchamp quality kness, not found. Because not long ago we shared the hands of the gods relics. I took away Changqing drum fish, just do not want to let him have relied on evil, he can instruct people to grab my stuff, the same can be other life out of this mind. At this moment, many people are pale, they hear the sound of this position, there is a large Leiyin Si! And later shared gods mentioned relic, though did notlongchamp cheap bags say anything, but people naturally think of his proposal was not long ago, before so many people escaped. If the declaration of death again! Subsequently, Liu Zhi floating sharpened with a note that two students, all things point to, people have nothing to say. This is equivalent to draw naked in front of a few people in the face, but people have nothing to say, because he stood on the side of reason. Wu Guang apprwhere can i buy a longchamp bag oaching an extreme, plop ripped through a male student on the forehead, a blood spatter flowers into the sky, that male students eyes were wide, his back to the ground, there is no longer sound. In his right hand hanging down, there is a rusty censer, but palm, some mutilated, some fragmentation of the furnace wall, but it is simple and natural. Have a finger in her dilapidated bells, like dust for years, dark light, alcelebrities with longchamp bags though it looks ordinary, but had attracted much attention. Liu Zhi Furui no wave, nothing embarrassing expression, just nodded his head and said: that's good, in the future we must avoid this from happening. Someone to kill him, Ye Fan to rely on something taken away, what is wrong? Li Changqing really should not talk nonsense, causing birth coveted heart, the occurrence of such unpleasant things, but Ye Fan You took his life insurance thing inlongchamp it bag deed excessive. If not for the light curtain reasons, this terrible thing is simply silent, people simply can not find Wu Guang struck. Belts very calm uttered these words, and then they say nothing. Just this thing you can see, how it was we had an idea.

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