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We did not say not to Fan Ye, Ye Fan cares for students just want friendship, do not take away Changqing fish drum, so that he could save your life to live. In her talk, slender fingers unconscious movements, occasionally emits a double ring. I could not even in the hands of the ancient bronze lamps are willing to share with everyone, and now received this side drum fish, naturally have to consider things from this side to proceed. Fan Ye's decision is very sudden, Belts mouth move a littlongchamp le pliage tote bag sale le, but said nothing. The students have been named Zhangzi Ling Ye Fan with Pombo standing behind, then kicked out on the football field is the feelings, than the average number of students to get close, just as though he did not like Pombo hands, but apparently Station In Ye Fan side. And Lixiao Man never had to say anything, she looked not far from the Fan Ye, looked at him calmly longchamp custom bags resolve all this through, eyes very plain, no representation, no Xiangbang any party. Wu Guang appearance, etc. If not for the light curtain reasons, this terrible thing is simply silent, people simply can not find Wu Guang struck. LIN Jia and Wang Ziwen stood behind both neutral stance, just do not say anything at the moment has verbally. Remarks one, suddenly a woman just that talking face became very ugly. Should now be deterlongchamp bags on sale usa mined under the big sound Temple who have received how to help other people, each person should help a few people. There is a man and a woman at his side, from the outset has been blocked Pombo hands to help Li Changqing speak, at the moment are to follow Liu Zhi forward. I think we should pay a female student. Bang suddenly, I heard the sound of broken came, everyone was surprised, retaining outside altar in colored light curtain is now beinlongchamp medium size g punctured, something drilled in, the crowd all looked in that direction. Fan Ye ancient bronze lamp left hand, right hand holding broken drum fish, there is no retreat, facing a few people have actually stepped forward and said: Since I have taken over the fish drum, it is impossible to back to him. According to what you said, but rather becomes a wicked Fan Ye, and Li Changqing but rather not done anything wrong, do not be hypocritical in there, morally, let me look disglongchamp folding bag usting! I have no opinion, we are now in trouble outside, should be mutually help each other, hope it will not happen again unpleasant things. Zhang Zailing naturally approached, took Fan Ye drum fed to the fish, they did not say anything, nothing at all.

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