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His whole body shrouded God hui, bringing people Eau hazy feeling around spotless, so that everyone felt the calm and serenity. Big sound Temple ...... Liu Zhi Furui no wave, nothing embarrassing expression, just nodded his head and said: that's good, in the future we must avoid this from happening. In his right hand hanging down, there is a rusty censer, but palm, some mutilated, some fragmentation of the furnace wall, but it is simple and natural. Someone to kill him, Ye Fan to rely on somethinlongchamp cheap bags g taken away, what is wrong? Wu Guang appearance, etc. Liu Zhi was frowned on around him that female students are immediately spoke out against, said: the presence of the male students in a large number of people have received Leiyin Si, relatively speaking, female students who find a Buddha's Yet few. There is a man and a woman at his side, from the outset has been blocked Pombo hands to help Li Changqing speak,longchamp boston sale at the moment are to follow Liu Zhi forward. Bang when Pombo strode forward, and then the big sound Temple heavy bronze plaque on the earth, and said: really say more than singing sound good, I find you very deep skill and wrong. Should now be determined under the big sound Temple who have received how to help other people, each person should help a few people. Bursts frightened cry sounded, floundered on the altar, there is no golongchamp bag model d relic of people crazy toward Liu Zhi, Zhou Yi, Wang Ziwen and others, never refused to let go catch them, sharing the Buddha makers. Li Changqing really should not talk nonsense, causing birth coveted heart, the occurrence of such unpleasant things, but Ye Fan You took his life insurance thing indeed excessive. Belts very calm uttered these words, and then they say nothing. Fan Ye I know you're angry, and any who had such a thing, will be raging anger, blongchamp small handbag ut we should be a little more tolerant. Have a finger in her dilapidated bells, like dust for years, dark light, although it looks ordinary, but had attracted much attention. If the declaration of death again! LIN Jia and Wang Ziwen stood behind both neutral stance, just do not say anything at the moment has verbally. At this moment, many people are pale, they hear the sound of this position, there is a large Leiyin Si! Of course, if a few do not want to share with his hlongchamp shopping and bells, incense, vajra, then let him follow me around, and I will never not remembered classmate friendship. Fan Ye Liu Zhi swept three glances, said: There are many students do not get what the big raids the monastery, but still good survived, and why?

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